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Brian and Henry

Brian (Left) and Henry (Right) at the Pine Hills in Plymouth MA. 

 Welcome to Luv In Stitches.

 A Full Service Custom Long Arm Quilting and Design Studio. 



     Thanks for stopping by. We are Brian Wilkins and Henry Loven.  We started Luv In Stitches in 2010 as a way to celebrate our love of quilting.


We offer several services such as:


Long Arm Quilting (We quilt your quilt, or we quilt and finish you quilt).

Custom Ordered Quilts (We make the entire quilt and finish it).

Memory and Memorial Quilts (We take clothing supplied by you and make a finished quilt).


Our Story


     Brian has been a long arm quilter for more than 20 years. He learned sewing from his grandmother on a singer treddle sewing machine. He loved making things from an early age, and sewing was a favorite thing to do. He began long arm quilting after a major accident which changed his life. This accident made him a stay home dad.


     When he started out it was difficult because he was a man in the quilting world. He had to prove himself often. Those early struggles help to propell him to where he is today. Those same early challanges gave him the ability to take on any type of project.  


     Brian quilts on an  APQS Ultimate II Long Arm Machine. It is equipted with a full size quilting table. This machine is a workhorse! It is not computerized, nor stitch regulated. With his machine, he is able to do a variety of quilting styles and sizes. From baby quilts, and runners up to oversized king quilts.  He quilts mostly free motion style which gives a more organic flow to his work.  He is comfortable with medalions, pantographs, and custom work.  Brian prefers his work not overpower his customers work.  He feels his quilting should enhance the quilt, not overpower the piecing. 

    In Henry's high school, all students had to take several home economics classes. One of his favorites was the sewing classes. He enjoyed needle work. Has time went on, he  leaned more about making clothes from his talented mother.  After high school, He went to work at a local nursery.  Henry's professional background is in the floral Industry. In over 20 years he developed an eye for color and design. He loved flowers, texture, and landscape design. With his drive to know more, he began teaching floral design and landscape design.


     In 2010, he met Brian and was introduced to the amazing world of quilting. At the point when they met, Henry changed his career to furniture upholstery. Being creative and working with fabric opened up another new world. Brian taught Henry the quilting basics. That's all it took.  Every quilt magizine was full of new challanges. Every fabric needed friends. Every project was a stepping stone to the next. 


     In the beginning, we started our journey working with customers' quilts, while making quilts and runners to sell at craft shows. People would bring their quilt tops to us and were inspired by our creativity. Most everyone who came to us, gave us free reign on their work. Then we progressed to finishing customers quilts. We would hand sew bindings, and embroidered quilt lables. 


     The more we did, the more the word spread. As the business grew so did the the creativity. Our quilting style maturied. We began to focus on custom quilting, creating our own patterns, and designing our own pantographs.  We also began to design custom pieced quilts. Later we began to make memory quilts.


Brian's philosophy has always been, "

My quilting is to showcase your work and enhance your piecing,

not take it over.".  


     We are located in Carver, MA. Here in our studio, we take our love of quilting to a new level. We are not focused on any one style of quilting or design. Each new project takes us on an adventure. Every quilt is a one of a kind, and should be treated as such. All quilts speak to us. They tell us what they need. Quilts are made from love, are about love, and convey love.  We are fortunate enough to get to work with that love and help bring it to life. 


     Custom Long Arm Quilting is the main staple of our business.  We work with our customers to find a perfect balance of thread and patterns to highlight the beauty of their work.  We utilizing elements, patterns, and colors from the quilt, and incorporate them in our quilting. Our goal is to make each quilt a truly special one of a kind. 


    We design and make quilts for sale.  Some are available in our etsy shop:

We do many commission quilts and memory or memorial quilts too.  


     If you are interested in checking out our work in person please go to our contact page for to request a list of upcoming shows.  We are available by appointment only here at our studio.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our contact info is available through the button above.




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Some of our recycled upholstery fabric bags

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